Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update


Dear Delhi Presbyterian Church Members and Guests,

Over the past several days, we have witnessed something unprecedented in our lifetimes (even Paul 😊). The measures instituted by our state government require us all to limit our gatherings to less than 50 people. This number could move to less than 10 in the coming days.  This leaves the Session and our church with a difficult problem.  How can we continue to worship together, support, encourage, and minister to each other while honoring the law as it is currently being enforced?  


Two Biblical passages are important here.  The first is Romans 13, which deals with honoring the laws of the government as they are applied.  The apostle Paul argues that we should honor the laws of the land, unless they directly contradict the laws of God.  In our case, the Governor is telling us we can’t gather for worship in order to try and prevent the spread of a disease that all the experts are saying is very dangerous.  He is not saying we can’t worship, but that we can’t gather.  He is doing so for reasons that seem good, right, and holy so we need to honor this law if we are going to uphold Romans 13.  


The second passage is 1 Corinthians 8, which deals with the needs of the weaker brother.  Many in our community believe that COVID-19 is not the threat that the experts claim it to be.  However, others in our community see it as a very real threat and some of our brothers and sisters fall into the most at-risk categories of the virus.  Therefore, loving our brothers and sisters means not putting them into a situation that can harm them spiritually or physically.  


The Session believes that in light of these two passages and our current national circumstances, that it is most wise to cancel all public gatherings at DPC until further notice.  This includes, postponing the Homecoming weekend and Easter cantata, suspending Sunday School, Sunday Morning and Evening Worship, Wednesday Family night, Women’s Bible Study, and Lunch Bunch.  


We will instead conduct our Sunday Morning and Evening Worship via our Facebook live-stream. There will be a link on our website homepage ( that will take you directly to the live-stream beginning at 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on Sundays.  Detailed instructions are included below for anyone who is not very comfortable with new technology.  


It is our desire that you all participate in worship while you watch.  Therefore, sing when we sing, pray when we pray, read along as the Scriptures are read, and listen as God’s Word is proclaimed.  Please treat this time as true worship, even though we are missing out on the in-person fellowship that we cherish.


The service will be slightly modified, with no anthem or offertory, but will be Christ-centered and God-honoring, as we hope it always is at our church.  The order of worship, as well as weekly announcements and prayer guide will be emailed out to the newsletter mailing list each Thursday.  Your tithe may be dropped off at the church office during regular office hours (Monday-Thursday 9:00 a.m.-Noon) or mailed in as you feel lead (PO Box 368, Delhi, LA 71232).


It is our sincere hope that while we are not able to gather in normal fellowship, you will be able to sense God’s presence as we worship together via this online tool.  We praise God for the ability to use these tools for the glory of His Kingdom.


Finally, the elders and I will be contacting you regularly to check in and see how everyone is doing. If there are any needs that we can help with please let us know, as we seek to shepherd the church through these very strange times.  The Lord is in control here, so fear not, but take refuge in the grace of our Lord and Savior.


In Christ,

Pastor Chris

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