Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 5/12/20


Dear Delhi Presbyterian Church Members and Guests,


For seven weeks, our church has sought to follow the mandate of our Governor to remain closed to public worship.  We did so because we believed, and still do, that the ruling authorities were acting in a way that was good, right, and holy.  We have attempted to honor the king as it were, by not meeting in fellowship but worshiping virtually.  On May 17th we will meet together again, and we praise the Lord for this.  The Session has approved a Three-phase plan, as we meet together again. 


Phase One will begin this Sunday, May 17th.  We will meet for Morning and Evening Worship only.  Seating has been arranged in the sanctuary to allow for social distancing.  This means that some will need to move from their normal seats.  Each pew will be partially taped off, and we ask that no one sit in the taped off areas.  The offerings will be taken up by the ushers as normal, but they will hold the offering plate for each family unit. No one should have to touch the plate as it passes.  Masks are encouraged but not required.  And we ask that everyone who returns for Evening Worship sit in the same seats as Morning Worship, since we will not be able to sanitize the entire sanctuary between services.  We also ask that everyone to keep their distance from one another, and avoid personal contact for now.  We encourage you to fellowship after the service, but do so safely.  If you are sick or exhibiting any symptoms related to COVID-19, we ask that you remain home.  We hope to celebrate Communion together on June 7th, and plan to use self-contained Communion elements.


Phase Two will include the restarting of our Sunday School activities on July 12th.  The Session wants to give us time to reacclimate to the idea of meeting together after so long a pause.  These eight weeks will allow that, and will give time to assess where we are in terms of infections in our area.  This also gives our Sunday School teachers time to prepare their lessons.


Phase Three will restart our Wednesday Night Family Night meal and study time.  This will begin in August for a couple of reasons.  First, Family Night involves the most person-to-person contact we have in any of our church activities, so this seems the most problematic in terms of social distancing.  Second, over the past several years we have seen a significant drop in Family Night attendance during the summer, so we were exploring the idea of taking the summer off even before this health crisis. We are planning to host a Kick-Off event with some time of cook-off once school resumes.


Lastly, I’d like to encourage you all again.  Some will look at this plan and think we are moving too fast, too soon.  Some may believe this is all much ado about nothing and believe that we should simply go back to normal immediately, and many of you are probably somewhere in the middle.  I want to encourage us all to be patient with each other, and with the officers of the church, as we try to navigate this reopening process.  If you don’t feel comfortable attending worship right away, please continue to worship with us via the Facebook live-stream.  Kerry and Karen will continue to diligently record and upload sermons to the church website and the church YouTube channel.  Pray for each other, that God would spare us, protect us and unite us, in what He would call us to do in Delhi.  Lord-willing, see you Sunday!

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